Smd Agreement

B. The non-competitive agreement refers to information relating to business, business, business, operations, strategies, strategies, procedures, organizational and human issues related to a Blackstone member or member, present or former Blackstone partner or member (including each MDS itself), including compensation and investment agreements. , agreements, financial structure, financial position, financial results or any other financial issue, actual or proposed transactions or investments, investment results, existing or potential investors, computer programs or other confidential information about Blackstone`s activities or its members, real or potential clients or investors (including funds managed by Blackstone affiliates) , their respective portfolio companies or other third parties. This information may have been or has been transmitted in writing or electronically or orally. All this information, regardless of the source they have learned or received and regardless of Blackstone`s connection to the information, is referred to here as each MDS, as each MDS agrees that, during and at any time after MDS`s service with Blackstone, this smd is not directly or indirectly, through an agent or affiliated member. , derogatory comments or criticisms (regardless of their professional or personal nature) of a person or other third party (including an agent or affiliated member), without restriction of a present or former member (including, without limitation of a Blackstone partner or employee) or unit relating to Blackstone (or the terms of an agreement or agreement of a Blackstone unit) or one of its subsidiaries , members, partners or collaborators, or with respect to MDS` relationship with Blackstone or termination of such a relationship, which is reasonably expected in all cases to cause material harm to the company or to the reputation of Blackstone or any of its related companies. members, partners or collaborators. (e) each SMD recognizes and acknowledges that, for the success of the transaction, and Blackstone, it is essential that the limited partner interests in Blackstone Holdings issued in connection with the transaction be protected by competition and non-invitation agreements between these smds and other existing owners of the Blackstone Group; 12.

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