Sample Legal Agreement India

The party of the second party, the agency, undertakes to pay a compensation of Rs. ———————————————————— – only to the party of the First Party by issuing a check. In favor of the part of the first page and is returned/refunded to the part of the second part upon expiration/termination of this Agreement. The arbitration decision is final and binding on both parties. This agreement will be concluded on ————————————. and jurisdiction for all matters related to this Agreement (seat only). 14. Either party may terminate this agreement by sending in writing to the other party, 90 days in advance, by registered letter with A/D its intention to do so and after its denunciation. The Agency shall report to the enterprise on any product or document of the enterprise that is under the responsibility of the Agency.

At the same time as obtaining deposit amounts with agreed interest and commissions, if any. 1. This Agreement shall enter into force from ——————— and shall expire on ————————- and may be renewable for subsequent periods, which may be mutually agreed between the Parties with a view to a decision by mutual agreement. c. Where the Agency is in a position of compromise with its creditors or where an emergency execution of another procedure is served on the Agency, if it takes possession of an office or where a receiver is appointed for part of the property or assets of its owner`s agency. b) invoicing/delivery/shipping/booking of the shipment to customers from time to time, in accordance with the company`s instructions. The authorized representative(s) of the company have the right to visit the company`s warehouse and also have the right to audit and direct the agency in connection with the aforementioned activity. The Agency undertakes to comply with such instructions, the instructions under this Agreement and the decision of the authorised representative shall be final and binding, whatever the case. . .


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