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If an Amazon seller has a problem, the last thing a suspended Amazon seller wants is to increase their argument. Suspended Amazon sellers want to return to selling. At the end of the day, the agreement does not matter in most cases, as both agreements are unilateral, both providing for arbitration and both likely to fail if sufficiently challenged. The way this comes into play and its impact on sellers is no longer to blame, perhaps to entrust the responsibility to an employer or someone else. The company is bound by the standard that the information it represents is true. I think this places an obligation on the president or CEO of a company to make sure they know they are informing their employees of who is specifically empowered to act on behalf of the company when they do business with Amazon. If the gross proceeds of your transactions are the insurance threshold in effect for each month for three (3) consecutive months, or otherwise, if we have requested you, exceed, within thirty (30) days thereafter, you will maintain, at your own expense, for each chosen country, commercial liability insurance with insurance limits per event and will cover the total liabilities caused by or related to the operation of your business, including products, products/transactions and personal injury, the policy and its agents appointing Amazon and its agents as additional insureds. Upon our request, you provide us with proof of insurance for coverage at the following address: c/o Amazon, P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, Attention: Risk Management.

The BKa only looked at Amazon`s 3PThird Party sellers are independent. No more business page, as shown above. It examined Amazon`s GTC and contractual relations with third parties in Germany. The decision therefore does not affect suppliers, related companies or companies that have registered with “Our Brands”. “expected shipment date”, in relation to any of your products: (a) the end of the shipping availability period (starting from the date on which the corresponding order is placed by the customer) or the date of availability of the shipment, if any, indicated by you in the corresponding inventory/product data feed for your product; or (b) if you do not provide shipping availability information in such an inventory/product data feed or if your product is in a product category that Amazon has declared must ship within two (2) business days, two (2) business days from the date the corresponding order was placed by the customer. . . .

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