Asset Purchase Agreement Doc

The seller is the current owner of [Product Description]. The Company (hereinafter “the Buyer”) wishes to buy from the Seller and the Seller wishes to sell such Products to the Buyer only on the terms set forth in this Agreement and on no other terms, unless this is agreed by both the Buyer and the Seller. The Seller is exempt from any delay in the provision and performance of other contractual obligations arising from this order, due to acts or omissions that are not subject to adequate control and without the fault or negligence of the Seller, including, but not limited to, State embargoes, freezes, seizures or freezing of assets, delays or refusal to grant an export license nz or suspension or revocation, or any other act of a government, fires, floods, bad weather or other cases of force majeure, quarantine, strikes or lockouts, riots, disputes, uprisings, civil disobedience, war, lack of equipment or delay in deliveries to the seller by third parties. If the circumstances of delay that can be recused extend by six months, either party may, after its election, terminate this order without penalty or liability and without delay or breach thereof. The content of an asset sale agreement includes the description of the assets, the purchase price, the conditions precedent for the conclusion of the transaction, the closing date, the commitments of the parties after the conclusion and the covenants of the parties. This agreement also contains timetables for a detailed description of the parties` assets and covenants. 2. The buyer represents and warrants that it has inspected the assets and that it accepts this condition in its current state with all errors. Seller hereby represents and warrants that it is the owner of the assets, subject to the commitments assumed below, but expressly disclaims any warranty regarding the condition or suitability of such assets. Me. The seller`s operations and operations are carried out only in the course of normal operations and all obligations arising from agreements binding on the seller are duly fulfilled; (p) Seller must have fully fulfilled and complied with all obligations, conditions and agreements to be complied with and abide by Seller on or before the Closing Date.

(a) All improvements, furniture, furniture, furniture, tools, machinery, computers, software, assets, equipment, inventories, consumables, literature, commercial documents, files, maintenance records, telephones, receivables, claims, claims, claims and any other personal items of the Seller, including, but not, the assets listed in Annex A, by reference to (a) 100,000,000 0 CONSIDERING that, for the most part, the Buyer wishes to acquire and sell all of the materials listed in Annex A, by reference to (a) 100,000,000 0 CONSIDERING that, for the most part, the Buyer wishes to acquire and sell all of the materials the seller`s business, excluding the immovable property and related assets in which the seller is currently trading, under the conditions set out below; and 1st purchase and sale. Seller agrees to sell to Buyer and Buyer hereby agrees that all of Seller`s tangible and intangible assets used in Seller`s restoration and restoration business (the “Assets”) are described in more detail below: SIMPLE ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT This contract for the sale of assets (the Contract) is valid, WHILE [NAME OF PARTY TWO] (Buyer) has executed an offer to sell on the date [date] (the Offer to Sell); CONSIDERING that the buyer wishes to acquire certain rights and shares of assets, as described in Annex A (the acquired assets), in accordance with the following conditions and agreements, and that the seller wishes to sell this law. . . .

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